Prof. Ma Xiaomin from Oral Roberts University Presented an Academic Report in CEIE


Invited by Prof. Wu Jun, Prof. Ma Xiaomin, from Oral Roberts University, US, came to Jiading campus on May 26 and delivered an academic report entitled Enhancements and Analysis of VANET Event Driven Safety Services, which is also the No. 42 of Zhixin Forum held by Department of Computer Science and Technology.


In the report, Prof. Ma Xiaomin gave an introduction to the development of the Internet of Vehicle (IoV), and a detailed explanation of its principle. Combined with his own research, Prof. Ma presented a clear definition and method on the reliability evaluation of IoV by modeling. He also Introduced the future development of IoV on the basis of published results. Prof. Ma’s report is a useful simplification of the theory and is very inspiring to the students. After the report, Prof. Ma answered the questions raised by the presence in detail, which turned out to be beneficial to both faculties and students.


Ma Xiaomin is currently a professor in Department of Computer Science, Oral Roberts University, US. After he received doctor’s degree in Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications in 1999, he engaged in postdoctoral work at Duke University. Then he has been at Oral Roberts University when finished his postdoctoral period. Prof. Ma has published more than 90 papers in various international journals and conference, mainly engaged in the field of VANET, modeling and analysis, etc. His research work won the support of the US National Natural Science Foundation, and has maintained good cooperation with international laboratories and well-known enterprises such as NASA, IBM, Cisco Systems, Boeing, Huawei, etc.