The Fifth Taiwan Summer School is Held Successfully


The fifth Taiwan Summer School has been successfully held during 19th to 26th, July. 30 undergraduates from our college have been taken part into this program and got involved into a series of academic and cultural experience to Taiwan University, Feng Chia University, Ilan University, as well as DigiwinSoft.


On July 20th, the delegation went to Taiwan University, which is renowned as The top institution of learning in Taiwan. With the help of the Visiting Center at the National Taiwan University, the students visited the history museum, library, etc. In the afternoon, they went to Electrical Engineering and Computer Science of Taiwan University, which is a partner of our college. Prof. Zhang Yaowen, Vice Dean of the College gave them a warm welcome and said that he is looking forward to a more in-depth exchange between two colleges. After that, our students had an active discussion with faculty and students from the Department of Electrical Engineering, Information Systems, Telecommunications, Optoelectronics, Electronics, as well as Network Media.


On July 23, the delegation went to the College of Electrical Engineering of Feng Chia University. Prof. Li Jing song, director of the Department of Electronics Engineering showed them around the lab displaying the achievements in the cross field of medical and electronics. He explained to the students about the application of Network of Things in the field of medical technology. In addition, the students also paid a visit to the Hotlek microcontroller laboratory and the 3D printing in Innovation Area.


On July 24th, the delegation of teachers and students came to Ilan University. Prof. Hu Huaizu, Dean of College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science gave the delegation a warm welcome. They also prepared an interesting experiment course of Single chip Microcomputer for the students. Our students also communicated with students in Ilan University.


In addition to institutions, the students also visited DigiwinSoft, an ERP Corporation. Mr. Wang Jingyi, the general manager delivered a speech of “Taking full advantage of information and making management more efficiency”. After that, students talked with Mr. Wang about internship, career, and other issues they concerned.


During their stay in Taipei, the students also visited the Palace Museum, 101 building, etc..


Taiwan Summer School is an important program of our college to implement three hundred plan of Tongji University. There has been a total of 140 undergraduate students participating in the program since 2011.