Monthly Registration Rules for Scholarship Students


Monthly Registration Rules for Scholarship Students

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Rules on Trial, International Student Office Tongji University

Oct 15th, 2014

It is compulsorily requested by China Scholarship Council that in order to well follow Regulations of Chinese Scholarships at China`s universities, all scholarship students at Tongji University must have a monthly registration.

  1. Students who have been registered with Chinese scholarships such as Chinese Government Scholarship, Confucius College Scholarship, Shanghai Government Scholarship A and Living allowance Scholarship for exchange students are asked to sign for the Monthly registration.

  2. On 5th to 15th every month (excluding weekends, legal holidays, winter and summer holidays), the students of the scholarships said above should register in the International Student Office, Room 705, the Zong-He Building on the Si-Ping Campus.

But, the students studying in the following Schools and Colleges:

International School; College of Environmental Science and Engineering; College of Architecture and Urban Planning; School of Economics and Management; School of Civil Engineering; School of Medicine; CDHK; CDHAW; School of Mechanical Engineering; School of Automotive Studies; School of Software Engineering; School of Material Science and Engineering; School of Transportation Engineering; School of Electronics and Information Engineering; College of Arts and Media.

are asked to have their signatures in the said colleges or schools.

  1. Those who are unable to register in time due to his or her unexpected circumstances should submit in advance to the International Student Office an Asking-or-Leave Form (from with his or her tutor`s signature and college`s permit. Otherwise, it will be regarded as his or her study absence one month at Tongji University, no more living allowance in the next month will be transmitted to his or her account.

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