Taiwan Chiao Tung University Visited Our College


In the morning of November 10th, professors from College of Information, TaiwanChiao Tung University (Hsinchu), visited our college. The delegation includes Prof. Zhong Chongbin, vice dean of College of Information, Prof. Wang Guozhen, dean of Department of Information Engineering;, Prof. Wu Yicheng, director of Multimedia Engineering Institute, as well Prof. Xie Jiping, Prof. Yi Zhiwei, Prof. Chen Jian, and two students. Prof. Wu Jun, Director of the Department of Computer Science and Technology warmly welcome the delegation. Prof. Xia Pengfei, Prof. Zhang Dalu and Prof. Huang Deshuang met them in Room 403 of Zhi Xin Building and explored the cooperation.


Both sides introduced their departments and the research orientation of the professors at presence. They discussed the possibility of the potential cooperation related to student exchange, double degree of graduates, and the exchange among researchers. At the meeting, they had a deep discussion about the exchange and cooperation of scientific research include short-term visit on teaching, co-editing of textbook, co-delivering of courses and co-supervision of graduates, etc.


This exchange have explored the future exchange and cooperation, promoted the cooperation process of two sides, and laid a good foundation for future academic and student exchange.